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Shows like the Hollow Crown: About the Bard

If you're planning a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and looking to do some research that doesn't involve a hefty book, why not take a peek at this eclectic list of shows about the Bard and his playsl

Shows like Medici: Political Intrigue through the Ages

Cutting across time periods and settings, these shows have one thing in common--lots and lots of political plotting and intrigue.

Shows Like Peaky Blinders: Period Shows for Dudes

Forget the emotional life of butlers and wind-swept moors. These gritty shows are all about sword-wielding soldiers and Victorian bad guys.

Shows Like The Borgias: Renaissance Women and Men

These renaissance men and women know how to paint, hunt, write, engineer, and most importantly from the producers' perspective - engage in drawn out sex scenes. Who knew the past was so steamy!