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Shows like Survivor: Best 1st Generation Reality Shows

Shows from the days when reality producers were creating tropes, not reproducing them: 'Survivor', 'Newlyweds', 'Pimp My Ride', and so much more!

'Shows like Supernanny': 'When Parenting Gets Complicated' Reality Shows

Unruly kids, unplanned kids, or simply an ungodly number of kids: the family dynamic in these shows is best described as 'complicated'.

Shows Like Sister Wives: 'When Matrimony Gets Complicated' Reality Shows

When a chap has five wives, the chances of the simple life are vanishingly close to zero; still, it does make for seriously good viewing.

'Shows like Wife Swap': Trading Lifestyle Reality

Considering how class obsessed the Brits are, it makes that sense they've contributed the majority of shows to this list of reality programs featuring people plucked from their lifestyles and plopped on the opposite end of the scale.