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Shows like Gomorrah: Italian TV Shows

An eclectic collection of dramas (My Brilliant Friend), horror (Curon), and a few well-known crime series (Gomorrah, Suburra) all shot in Italy and most in Italian.

Best Crime TV

A (police) round-up of some of the highest rated, award-winning, most popular, and most influential crime shows--crime doesn't pay except for streaming services.

Mafia Documentaries

These wise guys and made men mean serious business, stay well away. Watching them on TV is close enough, trust us.

Taking on Big Government Documentaries

These documentaries explore and question the power of governments to shape our world.

Shows like Gomorrah: The Real Italian Mafia

If you like the Sopranos, you'll love these shows about the Mafia in Italy. Never mind the subtitles, the gritty drama and dark intrigue is worth the hassle.