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Shows like The Great: Historical Comedies TV

Historical and hysterical--these period comedies have it all--and find the funny side of the Roman Empire, Victorians, Vikings, and just about every other era you can think of--don't miss Horrible Histories or Ghosts.

Shows like the Hollow Crown: About the Bard

If you're planning a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and looking to do some research that doesn't involve a hefty book, why not take a peek at this eclectic list of shows about the Bard and his playsl

Shows like Toast of London: Theater Comedy

These comedies expose the humor of theater--from Broadway to the West End--a bit of an easy target, but some hilarious shows nonetheless--don't miss the Goes Wrong Show

Downton Abbey, But Funny--British Historical Comedies

Sick of English period dramas that are about as much fun as a steel-ribbed bodice? Have no fear, these English costume comedies see the funny side of history, even social repression and mechanized warfare!