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Best Comedy TV

A round-up of the best live action comedies, ranked by ratings, popularity, awards, and influence on other comedies--including the full range of RomComs, dark comedies, sitcoms, and more.

Shows Like Flight of the Concords: Comedy from Down Under

OK, before we piss off any Kiwis or Aussies, we know there are two distinct cultures - but it didn't make sense creating two separate lists when you guys sound exactly the same to Americans!

Shows like Shameless: Politically Incorrect Comedy Shows

Shows like Shameless, Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals that find a way to offend nearly everyone. You've been warned.

Blue Collar Comedy

We love 'Modern Family', but you have to admit its characters' problems are distinctly upper middle-class. So to mix things up, we put together a list of the best American working class comedies.

Meet the Modern Family Sitcoms

A round-up of sitcoms centered on families whose diversity is a long way from the homogeneity of Leave it to Beaver.

Shows Like Housos: Bogan and Proud

For those unfamiliar with the term Bogan, it's the rough Australian equivalent to a Scottish NED, English Chav, or American Trailer Trash. These shows (and movies) examine the culture, all in good fun!

Shows Like The Moodys: Ozzie Family Mayhem

Much like a boomerang, parental dysfunction circles back with a vengeance from the younger generation in these Ozzie family sitcoms.