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Best Showtime Original Shows

When its time for your shows, basic logic tells you to look to Showtime for the goods; enjoy their original series, rank ordered, from the smash-hits to the sleepers.

Highest Rated Female-Led Comedy Shows

From the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to Broad City, these comedies have one thing in common--hilarious female leads.

Shows Like Better Things: Women with Problems Dramedy

The female leads in these shows face all sorts of problems: illness, divorce, incarceration, etc. -- but manage to plug ahead, aided by gallows humor.

The Sitcoms Liberals Love Most

The top sitcoms liked by liberal Democrats, according to data from Experian Simmons National Consumer Study; whether this makes you like the shows on the list more, or less, the numbers are what the numbers are.

Shows Like Californication: GOAT Dramedy Shows

No, not drama comedies about farmyards, we mean the Greatest Of All Time TV comedies with a dramatic edge to them, from 'Californication' to 'Orange is the New Black'.

Hooray for Soloway Shows

Soloway has broken boundaries left, right, and center since she entered the TV production game, and shows no signs of slowing down with new series 'Transparent' and 'I Love Dick' (officially the hardest show to talk about at work).

Shows Like You Arrested Development: Dysfunctional Family Comedies

Maybe it's thanksgiving and you need to put your family's dysfunction in perspective; this list of modern sitcoms, featuring the likes of 'Shameless' and 'Parenthood', may be a good place to start. Suddenly a couple drunk uncles and a recent divorce don't seem so bad!

Shows Like Wilfred: Comedies that Hear Voices

Whether the voices come from imaginary friends, dead people, or their own head, the protagonists of these sometimes dark comedies may have a hard time convincing others what they hear is real.

Shows Like Lady Dynamite: Mental Illness Made (Semi) Funny

One way of reducing the stigma around mental illness is by laughing at it, or at least that's the hypothesis in these comedies that deal with bipolar, DID, and schizophrenia.