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Shows Like Poldark: American History Dramas

Some are more historically accurate than others (we're looking at you, Salem), but all of these dramas take place in America's storied past, and most - we like to think - provide some insight into its present state.

Shows Like Underground: Black History Shows

These dramas, mini-series, and documentaries explore African-Americans history in the United States, including the masterpieces like Eyes on the Prize and Roots to recent shows like Underground.

Best American History Documentaries

A round-up of some of the most acclaimed and popular documentaries spanning from the American Revolution through the Cold War and Civil Rights struggles of the Twentieth Century.

Shows Like Book of Negroes: Black History TV Series

These scripted television shows and mini-series bring a personal edge to history already expertly covered in the documentary genre.

Shows Like Greenleaf: Powerful African-American Dramas

These powerful modern dramas focus on the African-American family, church, and community; look out for a couple of Oprah's hits on the list, including recent show 'Queen Sugar'.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?