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'Shows like Hotel Impossible': Business Turn-Around Shows

Why hire a consulting firm when you can invite a television personality into the inner workings of your business, televising your deficiencies and strategy to any and all competitors!

Shows Like Undercover Boss: Millionaires Undercover

The punchline of these shows is always treat your co-workers with respect, because you never know if one's really the CEO undercover. Unlikely, but given the number of 'Undercover Boss' spin-offs CBS is churning out, far from impossible.

'Shows like Wife Swap': Trading Lifestyle Reality

Considering how class obsessed the Brits are, it makes that sense they've contributed the majority of shows to this list of reality programs featuring people plucked from their lifestyles and plopped on the opposite end of the scale.

Shows like Shark Tank: Business Meets Reality TV

A collection of business based reality TV shows, almost guaranteed to turn you into the next Mark Zuckerberg through osmosis.