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Shows like 30 Rock: Best Written TV Comedies

Every year the Writers Guild of America singles out the best written comedies, and these shows have all received at least two nominations--with 30 Rock coming out on top with 8 nominations and 3 awards.

Amazon Original Comedy

While 'Betas' can't exactly be called original, it is certainly true that all the comedies on this list were produced by Amazon. Make sure to check out hidden gem 'Patriot', for a dark, wholly unique political caper.

Shows Like Lady Dynamite: Boundary Pushing Female Comedy

Female led comedies that tackle the thorny subjects of racism, sexism, and mental health -- all with a keen eye, and genuine warmth.

Shows Like Happily Divorced: Coming Out to the Family

A list of sitcoms that feature LGBTQ characters coming out to their parents (often Catholic), or long-term romantic partners.

Hooray for Soloway Shows

Soloway has broken boundaries left, right, and center since she entered the TV production game, and shows no signs of slowing down with new series 'Transparent' and 'I Love Dick' (officially the hardest show to talk about at work).

Shows Like You Arrested Development: Dysfunctional Family Comedies

Maybe it's thanksgiving and you need to put your family's dysfunction in perspective; this list of modern sitcoms, featuring the likes of 'Shameless' and 'Parenthood', may be a good place to start. Suddenly a couple drunk uncles and a recent divorce don't seem so bad!

Shows Like Black-Ish: Meet the Modern Family!

Long gone are the days of 'Leave it to Beaver' and 'The Brady Bunch', along with their rigid, whitewashed ideal of how the American family should look. Frankly, the new models are a whole lot more exciting!

Shows Like Hello Ladies: The Sitcoms Getting LA Right

Those who have spent time in Los Angeles will appreciate these pitch-perfect depictions of La La Land, along with the quirky archetypes who populate it.

Shows Like Running Wilde: Arrested Development Alumni Shows

'Arrested Development' may have been canceled (and then resuscitated in a ghastly Pet Cemetery type situation), but the actors who made it great are still around, and making plenty of awesome sitcoms.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?