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Shows like Training Day: Old Cop, Young Cop

Shows about rookie cops learning the ropes from grizzled veterans--including some things they don't teach in the police academy.

Shows Like The Shield: Good Cop, Crooked Cop

Some of these cops live to protect and serve--themselves. Thank God for the upright few who risk their jobs to bring about justice.

Shows like The Wire: Gritty Crime Shows

These series feature crooked cops and ruthless criminals who mix it up on the garbage-strewn streets of big cities. Pioneering shows like NYPD Blue and the Shield focused on cops in US cities, but the best of the current batch are anchored in the lives of gang members on the mean streets of Birmingham, Rome, Paris and Dublin.

Shows like Lethal Weapon: Action Movies become TV Shows

TV shows based on high-adrenaline movies like Limitless, Lethal Weapon, and Taken.

Shows Like Training Day: Cop Classics Rebooted

In keeping with the overwhelming nostalgia of our era, these shows take classic cop franchises and give them a 21st century remake, from lighthearted 'Rush Hour' to grittier 'Training day'.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?