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Shows like 90 Day Fiance: TLC Reality TV Shows

A list of all the best reality shows from the TLC; fun fact, 'The Learning Channel' was actually focused on educational programming until the late 90s, at which point they decided to take a hard pivot.

Shows like Dance Moms: Pushy Parent Reality Shows

These success obsessed parents put their young children through an absurd amount of training (although not as much therapy as they'll have to put them through later).

Shows like Toddlers & Tiaras: Pageant Reality Shows

These would be queens will stop at nothing to be crowned the fairest of them all - although getting away with the poisoned apple trick would be hard with all those cameras.

Kids Competing Reality

Feel a bit uncomfortable with your life when you see someone far younger than yourself win an olympic medal? Well, imagine how incensed you'll be when you see a 5th grader win a quiz!