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Best British TV

For all the Anglophiles out there, enjoy the best British comedies, mysteries, drama, and sci-fi.

Benedict Cumberbatch TV

Best known for Sherlock, Cumberbatch has starred in a series of British productions and dramas--her's the list for all his fans.

Shows Like To the Ends of the Earth: Shows The Sun Never Sets On

Way back when the sun never set on the British Empire, and nowadays the shows about it; for queen, country, and naked capitalist greed!

Shows Like Black Sails: Sailors, Whalers, and Pirates

Grab some 100 proof gin and hard tack (whatever that is), and dive in to these seafaring adventure shows, starting with Tom Hardy's excellent new show 'Taboo' - which wasn't scored by Nick Cave, but should have been.

Shows like Banished: Settling Australia Shows

These shows tell the story of convicts sent from England to Australia, and how they forged new communities down under.