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Shows Like 1000 Ways to Die: Best Spike Reality TV Shows

Who knew there were 1000 ways to die? We just thought it was just your heart stopping. Anyway, learn this, and many more interesting tidbits with Spike's male oriented, reality TV heavy selection of series.

Shows like Cobra Kai: Martial Arts TV

These shows span genres, but share a focus on karate, judo, kung fu, mixed martial arts, and boxing.

Mixed Martial Arts Documentaries

If boxing and wrestling are tough enough for you, step into the octagon for a few rounds with these MMA fighters.

'Shows Like Hard Knocks': Athletes 'Big Break' Reality Shows

Would be boxers, cheerleaders, and football players compete for their big break, often coached by legends of the sport. Hey, even if they flop, it's till a pretty cool story.

Martial Arts Documentaries

Documentaries and reality series exploring the origins and secrets of some of the world's most deadly martial arts--spoiler alert, Bruce Lee plays a prominent role in this list.