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Documentaries like Blackfish: Documentaries that Changed the World

Nearly 2,000 documentaries are submitted to the Sundance Film Festival every year, but only a handful change the world. Examples include 'Blackfish', which pressured Sea World to stop breeding Orcas in captivity, and 'Super Size Me', which influenced McDonald's decision to eliminate its Super Sized meals.

Controversial Documentaries

Documentaries breaking boundaries and dividing opinions like there's no tomorrow. Assuming you've seen 'Making a Murderer' (if you haven't, do you live under a rock?) Be sure to check out 'The Thin Blue Line 88'.

Shows like Making a Murderer: Best True Crime

These documentaries and dramatizations explore high-profile crimes in depth, digging into the motivations of the accused, and in some cases documenting miscarriages of justice.

Errol Morris Documentaries

While he may not be as well known as Michael Moore or Ken Burns, Errol Morris has produced a steady string of insightful and influential documentaries including The Thin Blue Line and the incomparable The Fog of War.

Most Influential Historical Documentaries

Ground-breaking documentaries with significant influence over future film-making as well as public perception.

Miscarriage of Justice Documentaries

These documentaries re-examine the trials of suspects charged with heinous crimes, question the verdicts, and in some case lead to the exoneration of the accused