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Recent Certified Fresh TV Series

This list rounds up the highest rated recent TV dramas, comedies, and documentaries according to the critic reviews aggregated by Rotten Tomatoes.

Shows like Man in the High Castle: Fascist State Dystopias

If television shows reveal our collective hopes and fears, then the recent spate of television dramas imagining the resurgence of fascism is cause for grave concern. Even worse are documentaries chronicling the actual rise of fascism.

Shows like The Handmaid's Tale: Political Dystopias

These shows imagine what life would be like under a fundamentalist dictatorship, Nazis, Russians, and occupying forces--makes the current political situation look almost palatable by comparison. Almost.

Shows Like Homeland: Political Thriller TV

While modern politics may seem more unpredictable than anything a TV writer could come up with, these shows give reality a run for its money, with fast-paced plot lines around terrorism, corruption, and political scandals.

Shows like Man in the High Castle: Alternate History TV

There are countless dystopian future TV series, but these shows take things in a different direction by imagining what could have been different in the past--by and large things end up worse, so think of these as dystopian past series.

Shows like The Wire: David Simon TV

After more than a decade as a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun, David Simon went on to create and produce some of the most realistic and best-written TV series ever, including his classic The Wire.