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Best Biographical Documentaries

A collection of the highest rated and most popular documentaries covering the lives of truly extraordinary people, coupled with brilliant film making.

LGBTQ Documentaries

A collection sometimes brought to you by, sometimes covering issues related to the LGBT community.

History of Entertainment Documentaries

Documentaries about the history of Hollywood, Broadway, music labels, and television.

The Producers Documentaries

Quincy Jones, David Geffen, Dr Dre, Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine---you may not recognize all these names (well okay, Dr Dre you recognize), but these are the producers behind some of the greatest musicians of all time--if like the Mom in School of Rock, you ask "why has my daughter become obsessed with David Geffen?" this list may provide the answer.

LGBTQ History Documentaries

Documentaries that trace the LGBT community's fight against discrimination from the era before Stonewall through to Proposition 8.