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Best Shows for Foodies

A smorgasbord of the most popular and highest-rated food shows, including cooking competitions, food-based travelogues, and a few dramas centered on really good meals.

Shows like the Hairy Bikers: British Chefs and Their Shows

More fish 'n chips than you can shake a stick at, on this list of traditional British cooking shows.

Shows like Chef's Table: Haute Cuisine Documentaries

The kind of screen haute cuisine to have you salivating. You don’t have to wait months for a reservation anymore, just kick back and discover some of the world’s best cooking.

Shows like Masterchef UK: British Cooking Competitions

Since becoming the bake-off champion is more prestigious than a knighthood, the nation always tunes in to watch those world class crumpets being made.

Gordon Ramsay Shows

With more cursing than an active naval base, Gordon whips up unlucky contestants into shape with his own unique brand of motivational speaking.