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Documentaries like Blackfish: Documentaries that Changed the World

Nearly 2,000 documentaries are submitted to the Sundance Film Festival every year, but only a handful change the world. Examples include 'Blackfish', which pressured Sea World to stop breeding Orcas in captivity, and 'Super Size Me', which influenced McDonald's decision to eliminate its Super Sized meals.

Shows like Our Planet: Best Nature Documentaries

This list rounds up some of the most popular and highly regarded nature documentaries of all time, spoiler alert--there's a lot of David Attenborough.

Documentaries like Blackfish: Animal Rights Documentaries

These activists and conservationists use documentary film making as a powerful tool to expose and end animal abuse.

Documentaries like The Blue Planet: The Living Sea

Oceans cover more than two-thirds of Earth's surface, so the sheer number of documentaries that dive beneath the waves is hardly surprising.