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Controversial Documentaries

Documentaries breaking boundaries and dividing opinions like there's no tomorrow. Assuming you've seen 'Making a Murderer' (if you haven't, do you live under a rock?) Be sure to check out 'The Thin Blue Line 88'.

Eccentric Biography Documentaries

According to one study, eccentrics are healthier, happier, and live longer than most people; if that's true the non-conformists profiled in these documentaries are destined for longevity.

Errol Morris Documentaries

While he may not be as well known as Michael Moore or Ken Burns, Errol Morris has produced a steady string of insightful and influential documentaries including The Thin Blue Line and the incomparable The Fog of War.

Critical Religious Documentaries

These shows take a critical look at religious organizations and their impact on its adherents and society as a whole, with much less emphasis on the benefits of organized religion.