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International Drama TV

A round up of the best non-English drama series from around the world including Bollywood classics, K-dramas, and Nordic Noir, that are definitely worth the subtitles or dubbing.

Best K-Dramas to Stream: Best Korean TV

Check out this round up of some of the most addictive K-dramas available to stream--wholesome fare, good-looking stars, K-pop soundtracks, single-season formats that don't stretch out the story, delicious food--"gamsa" Gomawo to Netflix for streaming these gems!

Korean Teen Drama

Most K-Dramas center on young adults, but these series focus on high school and college students, with plenty of young love and gaming-based adventures.

Korean Horror TV

K-Dramas are best known as RomComs and romantic dramas, but this list highlights some lesser-known Korean horror series that are well worth watching--don't miss Kingdom or Master's Sun.

Korean Action TV: Action Packed K-Dramas

Sword fights, deadly VR games, special operations soldiers, counter-terrorism units, and deadly criminals round out this list of K-Dramas with a heavy dose of action.