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Shows Like Mighty Boosh: Meet Britain's Most Absurd

Nobody does absurdism like the Brits, and no Brits do absurdism like the chaps on this list: from 'Mighty Boosh' to 'Jam', prepare your mind to enter a dark and twisted place (and we're not talking about the scenes shot in Milton Keynes).

Reeves and Mortimer Shows

Shows brought to us by the wacky minds of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, this pair are nutty as a fruitcake, properly barmy. Our personal favourite is the organized chaos they like to call Shooting Stars.

Classic British Panel Shows

Wholesome British humour, dripping in satire. So good that many of these shows ran well into the 21st century.

'Shows like Shooting Stars': Truly Insane British Panels

British eccentricity in its purest form; the hosts and contestants of these wacky British panel shows are all positively mad as a box of frogs!

Shows like QI: (Mostly) British Quizcoms

An art-form the Brits have perfected (with some decent American competitors thrown in, where contestants mix trivia with spot-on social commentary, and a touch of absurdism.