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British History Documentaries

British history documentaries, which you may as well think of as a factual Game of Thrones!

European Medieval History Documentaries

Europe was a ripe for conquest through the middle ages all the way up to Napoleon's naval crusades.

Documentaries about Medieval England

Game of Thrones in real life, with courtly intrigue, pesky Celts, and the constant threat of invasion during the Plantagenet and Tudor eras.

Castles and Keeps

Truly become the king of the castle as we explore these medieval marvels--check out Secrets of the Castle, that documents a 25 year experiment to build a medieval castle using only materials and techniques available at the time.

Period Reality Shows

Your average, soft modern is transported back in time to experience life in the bad old days, whether that be on an Edwardian farm, or on the American frontier.

Shows Like Lads Army: Britain of Yesteryear Reality

Reality shows that take contestants to eras in British history with considerably fewer amenities, and considerably worse hygiene. Enjoy!