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British History Documentaries

British history documentaries, which you may as well think of as a factual Game of Thrones!

Best History Documentaries

Travel back through mankind’s brief and bloody history with these excellent documentaries.

Shows like Grand Designs: Real Estate Porn

These series lets you peak into some of the impressive existing and newly-built homes, just the thing to fantasize about when you're cooped up in your tiny condo.

Castles and Keeps

Truly become the king of the castle as we explore these medieval marvels--check out Secrets of the Castle, that documents a 25 year experiment to build a medieval castle using only materials and techniques available at the time.

'Shows like Grand Designs': House Envy Shows

Your house is nice, especially now the drive’s all sorted - but where is the helipad, indoor pool, tennis court? Where’s the marble statue of you, with a fountain spitting molten chocolate at your feet? That’s what we thought…