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Horror Worth Watching

Fresh, well-received, and genuinely chilling - these are the shows you must be watching to be considered a legitimate horror-buff. Gory horror, psychological horror, and horror comedy all make an appearance on this list of the best spookfests on television: although the real shock will come when you realize how much time you've spent binging them.

Shows Like Ash vs Evil Dead: Bloody Hilarious Shows

For the most part horror-comedy has remained a cinematic genre, but with the explosion of 'Scream Queens' we may have a renaissance on our hands on the small screen.

Shows Like Scare Tactics: Horror Meets Reality TV

If you prefer your reality with a bit of bite check out this collection of horror-reality shows, which feature everything from 'House on Haunted Hill' style competitions to elaborate paranormal pranks.

Ryan Murphy TV

The New Yorker dubbed him "the most powerful man in TV" and his work includes high school dramas, horror anthologies, and a show about first responders--all linked by Murphy's distinctive aesthetic.

Shows Like Bates Motel: Small Screen Slashfests

Slashers used to be the silver-screen's domain, but with shows like 'Scream', 'Dead of Summer', and 'Scream Queens', television is starting to muscle in; enjoy the gory results!

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?