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Best VH1 Shows

VH1, originally standing for Video Hits One, has produced some of the most beloved reality shows of the past 10 years, particularly 'Love & Hip Hop' and 'Basketball Wives'; enjoy the network's best, rank ordered.

Most Popular Reality Shows Ever

Love 'em or hate 'em, these iconic reality shows have made the genre what it is, and created literally hundreds of spin-offs between them.

Shows Like American Idol: Biggest Reality Competitions

These competition reality shows bring in - or once brought in - millions of viewers every week; why not see what all the fuss is about?

Shows Like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: LGBTQ Reality Shows

A collection of the most popular LGBTQ themed reality shows over the years, from 'Queer Eye' to 'RuPaul's Drag Race'.

Shows Like RuPauls Drag Race: Drag Queen Culture Explored

A roundup of documentaries, reality TV series, and dramas centered on Drag Queen culture.

'Shows like Project Catwalk': Competing on the Runway

These fashionistas compete both in front and behind the camera; no prizes for guessing on which side they get meanest.

'Shows Like Project Runway': The Fashion World Televised!

The fashion world is fickle, cruel, fast-paced, and now totally televised! Put yourself on the runway with this collection of fashion-centric shows. Not literally of course, at least not wearing THAT.