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Shows Like I am not Okay with This: Normal People, Super Powers

These aren't your average superhero shows, with caped crusaders flying around in masks; the heroes of these series are just like you and me, except probably hotter, and they can blow stuff up with their mind.

Shows like I am not Okay with This: Superhumans Just Trying to Fit In

Whether they're Norse gods reincarnated, or just your average vampire, these otherworldly creatures must do their best to fit in to human society: a sure emotional touchpoint for the YA crowd trying their best at middle-school.

Shows Like Raising Dion: Kids Love Live-Action Action

None of that gritty 'Gotham' stuff here, just great live-action superhero and action shows suitable for children, from Raising Dion Lab Rats and Super Ninjas.

Shows Like His Dark Materials: Scary (But Not Too Scary) Shows For Kids

Shows like Sweet Tooth, His Dark Materials, and The Haunting Hour that provide just enough scares to keep it interesting, but not to cause nightmares (and expensive therapist bills).

Shows like The Flash: Superheroes with a Lighter Vibe

When it comes to superheroes, Hollywood seems to think the darker the better--think Dark Knight trilogy--but these shows offer a lighter take on comic book heroes.