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Best Lifetime TV Shows

Enjoy a lifetime's worth of quality Lifetime network programming, right here, ranked for your viewing pleasure - and a lifetime well spent, if you ask us!

Shows Like Project Runway Junior: Pint-Sized Reality Remakes

All your favorite reality shows re-imagined with kids as the contestants; the one thing you won't find on here is a 'Kitchen Nightmares Junior', for obvious reasons.

'Shows like Project Catwalk': Competing on the Runway

These fashionistas compete both in front and behind the camera; no prizes for guessing on which side they get meanest.

Kids Competing Reality

Feel a bit uncomfortable with your life when you see someone far younger than yourself win an olympic medal? Well, imagine how incensed you'll be when you see a 5th grader win a quiz!

'Shows Like Project Runway': The Fashion World Televised!

The fashion world is fickle, cruel, fast-paced, and now totally televised! Put yourself on the runway with this collection of fashion-centric shows. Not literally of course, at least not wearing THAT.