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Shows like Normal People: All you need is love

These shows avoid the Hallmark cliches of love, and captures its intensity, poignance, and potential for loss and pain.

Bollywood TV

A round-up of Bollywood TV comedies, rom coms, dramas, thrillers, and YA series.

Shows Like Lovesick: Millennial Dating Messes

In the days of courtly romance, young suitors would woo their paramours with love-songs and poetry; nowadays millennials just swipe right and rattle off a couple dick pics, like some kind of twisted resume. Is it any wonder our dating life's a mess?

Shows like Kota Factory: Bollywood YA

Hindi-language shows like Kota Factory and College Romance that show Bollywood's take on young peoples' lives. Mainly, wholesome, funny, and light fare. Bollywood comfort comedies.

Shows like Aspirants: TVF Greatest Hits

TVF is an Indian streaming video service targeting younger viewers that has produced a series of super-popular series including TVF Pitchers and Aspirants--watch out Bollywood.