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Best Crime TV

A (police) round-up of some of the highest rated, award-winning, most popular, and most influential crime shows--crime doesn't pay except for streaming services.

Shows like Making a Murderer: Best True Crime

These documentaries and dramatizations explore high-profile crimes in depth, digging into the motivations of the accused, and in some cases documenting miscarriages of justice.

Kurt Sutter's World

The writer and producer who brought you Sons of Anarchy has some other past and future shows worth checking out.


Not really sure why anyone would want to revive this horrible movement/cult, these film makers try to answer that question.

'Shows like Ross Kemp on Gangs': Shows about Gangs

Hang out with some of the world’s toughest criminals, fearless presenters (and Ross Kemp), as you delve into the underworld with these organised crime documentaries.

Shows like Unsolved Mysteries: A True Crime a Week

If you need a break from 10-part true crime docuseries, these reality shows and documentaries present a new crime every episode.