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Shows Like Xiaolin Showdown: Kids Shows from the Dojo

The very best kid-friendly martial arts shows on one list, from 'The Jackie Chan Adventures' to 'Xiaolin Showdown'. Don't blame us if your kid starts chopping the kitchen table in half, however.

Shows Like LEGO Masters: LEGO TV

Fans of the LEGO Movies will enjoy this collection of action & adventure and reality shows produced by the LEGO franchise, or - even better - co-produced with Star Wars.

Shows Like Ben 10: Cartoon Network for Tween Boys

If you don't want your 10 year old boy watching 'Rick and Morty', and he's not interested in 'The Life and Times of Juniper Lee', you can always introduce him to this action-packed set of CN animated series (just be prepared to buy all the related toys).