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Shows Like Mighty Boosh: Meet Britain's Most Absurd

Nobody does absurdism like the Brits, and no Brits do absurdism like the chaps on this list: from 'Mighty Boosh' to 'Jam', prepare your mind to enter a dark and twisted place (and we're not talking about the scenes shot in Milton Keynes).

'Shows like A League of Their Own': Non Topical British Panel Shows

Unlike their current affairs based counterparts, these British panel shows offer straight quiz and banter.

'Shows like QI': Modern British Panel Shows

Like a game show but with celebrity comedians as the contestants, you can’t go wrong. Please expect more witty retorts than correct answers though…

'Shows like Shooting Stars': Truly Insane British Panels

British eccentricity in its purest form; the hosts and contestants of these wacky British panel shows are all positively mad as a box of frogs!

Shows like QI: (Mostly) British Quizcoms

An art-form the Brits have perfected (with some decent American competitors thrown in, where contestants mix trivia with spot-on social commentary, and a touch of absurdism.