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The Cartoon Network Gets Noughtie

Enjoy our list of the best 2000s Cartoon Network toons that started in, ended in, and - in many ways - defined the noughties. Yes, we said it.

Shows Like Static Shock: Heroes of Color Save the Day!

Batman, Superman, and Spidey are well and good, but they don't bring much by way of diversity, unlike these kids shows that star people of color saving the day.

Best Kids' WB Shows

The best WB cartoons for kids (and nostalgic adults who used to surf down the stairs on a trash can lid pretending to be Static Shock).

Shows Like Miraculous Ladybug: Kids are the Heroes!

Kids must save the day in these animated shows featuring young spies, superheroes, and martial-artists - why? Well, have you seen how adults have been handling things recently?