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Shows Like Yard Crashers: Best DIY Network Shows

While you're not technically doing it yourself watching these shows, you are watching other people do it themselves, and may pick up a few handy tips along the way.

Shows Like Million Dollar Listing: Best Real Estate Shows

Real estate experts provide practical tips on buying and selling real estate, regardless of whether you are looking for a 300 square foot tiny house or a seaside mansion

Shows like Grand Designs: Real Estate Porn

These series lets you peak into some of the impressive existing and newly-built homes, just the thing to fantasize about when you're cooped up in your tiny condo.

Shows like This Old House: Home Improvement TV

Re-watching Attack on Titan probably qualifies as a waste of time, but these shows teach you practical skills to improve your home's resale value.

'Shows like Grand Designs': House Envy Shows

Your house is nice, especially now the drive’s all sorted - but where is the helipad, indoor pool, tennis court? Where’s the marble statue of you, with a fountain spitting molten chocolate at your feet? That’s what we thought…