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Shows Like Melissa & Joey: Man Ampersand Woman RomComs

How do you know if a RomCom show contains a heartwarming love story? The couple's name in the title of course, connected by that most romantic of logograms: the ampersand.

Female-Led Freeform Shows

Jointly owned by Disney and ABC, Freeform largely targets Millenial women navigating the transition to adulthood, which often takes them to New York City.

Shows Like The Mick: Babysitting the Brats

Spoiled rich kids usually have absentee rich parents, which is where these ill-equipped babysitters come in to the equation, from 'Kimmy Schmidt' to 'The Mick'.

RomCom TV

If a two hour romantic comedy is too short, these shows provide hours of RomCom binging pleasure.

Shows Like Raising Hope: Stuck With a Kid Sitcoms

Sitcoms featuring a variety of hapless new parents, stuck with a kid that they didn't ask for, and somehow making it work.