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Shows like Jurassic World: Dinosaur TV

Cuddly to scary, documentaries to adventures, mash-ups with LEGO and Power Rangers--this list rounds up all the dinosaur TV shows available to stream.

Shows Like Terra Nova: Enter the Lost World

Dinosaur heavy show that borrow to greater and lesser degrees from the trope established by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel 'The Lost World', set in prehistoric, previously untouched pockets of jungle.

Shows Like Attack on Titan: The Best in Animated Action

From Pikachu to the Powerpuff Girls, you’re in good hands with this eclectic list of action-packed animation, featuring modern, classic, 2d, 3d, anime, you name it. You're sure to find something to spice up your Saturday morning.

Shows Like LEGO Masters: LEGO TV

Fans of the LEGO Movies will enjoy this collection of action & adventure and reality shows produced by the LEGO franchise, or - even better - co-produced with Star Wars.

Dinosaurs Shows for Toddlers and Young Kids

Many young kids love to learn about Pteranodons and T-Rex, and this list includes mainly cute and friendly dinosaurs--we leave the scary ones for another list. Based on the popularity of these shows we predict a glut of paleontologists thirty years from now.

Shows like Jurassic World: Tweens, Teens, and Dinosaurs

These dinosaurs are not cuddly--they're a bit scary--and young adventurers need to survive in lands where dinosaurs still roam--not for the youngest viewers but these shows are appropriate for older kids.