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Shows like Band of Brothers: Greatest Historical Mini-Series

There's nothing miniature about the scope of these historical mini-series; from 'Roots' to 'I, Cladius', they bring history to life in digestible chunks, without dragging on interminably (like some TV shows we know).

'Movies Like Calvary': Reflective Catholic Movies

A truly eclectic collection, these films are bound by the question of what it means to be a Catholic; some celebrate the church, some denounce it, but all offer food for thought.

Religious Leaders

Leaders of enormous spiritual collectives, inspiring figures throughout the ages.

'Life of Christ' Biopics

Biopics of the man so influential that he's been made ground zero of modern chronology. No 'Life of Brian' - sorry blasphemers, you can get your kicks elsewhere! Make sure to check out Dafoe in 'The Last Temptation of Christ' for a slightly more controversial take on Jesus's life.