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Shows Like Twilight Zone: If M. Night Shymalan Wrote More TV

To date, M Night Shymalan has written only two TV series--Servant and Wayward Pines, but these shows where sci-fi meets mystery meets horror are in the spirit of his movies, particularly Signs

Shows like Surface: Monster Shows for Grown-Ups

Forget Monsters Inc: these sci-fi and horror shows feature creatures of every sort, except the cuddly kind.

Shows like Threshold: First Contact Series

Unidentified flying objects, strange occurrences, secret government agencies--it can all add up to only one thing--we are about to meet our extraterrestrial neighbors for the first time. Let's hope it goes well.

Shows like The OA: Strange Happenings in Small Towns

If the most exciting thing that happens in your small town is a particularly mild winter, then these supernatural thrillers in the vein of 'Stranger Things' might be up your Main Street.