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International Drama TV

A round up of the best non-English drama series from around the world including Bollywood classics, K-dramas, and Nordic Noir, that are definitely worth the subtitles or dubbing.

Shows like Our Planet: Best Nature Documentaries

This list rounds up some of the most popular and highly regarded nature documentaries of all time, spoiler alert--there's a lot of David Attenborough.

Documentaries like Planet Earth: Beautifully Shot Documentaries

These documentaries cover a variety of topics, but all share cinematography so gorgeous that you could watch them with the sound turned off.

Remote Pockets of the World Documentaries

Too old to explore the world, too young to explore space? Rubbish! Find these hidden gems for yourself through our undiscovered pockets of the world documentaries.

Shows like Tiny World: Insect Documentaries

Most nature documentaries opt for the big mammals, but these fascinating series live by the motto "go small or go home"--more documentaries about bees please1