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Shows like American Gods: Shows based on Mythology

Asgard and Olympus unite to bring you these awesome swords & sandals series, sure to satisfy any Xena fan.

Shows Like The Witcher: Swords and Sorcerers

Within the first ten minutes of The Witcher, the eponymous hero slays a monster with his sword, enters a dingy medieval pub, and meets a sorcerer. You know he's a sorcerer because he has a staff. This pretty much sums up a genre that includes sword-wielding heroes like Conan, Xena, and the Beastmaster.

Shows Like Beastmaster: Endearingly Cheesy 90s Adventure

These 90s adventure shows are sure to take millennials back to a simpler time, where bad guys were bad guys, and good guys were muscle bound warriors with fake tans (bonus track--Hooten & the Lady).