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'Movies Like Stick It': Best Gymnastics Movies

The best pure gymnastics movies for true fans of the sports, from biopic 'The Gabby Douglas Story' to popular dramedy 'Stick It'.

Best Sports Documentaries

A round-up of some of the highest-rated documentaries from across the sporting world--you can only rewatch The Last Dance so many times.

Shows like Cheer: Inspirational Shows about Young Athletes

For fans of Last Chance U and Cheer, this list rounds up some of the best documentary and reality shows featuring young athletes in a wide range of sports, teams that unify communities, inspirational coaches, backstories of underdogs you can't help but root for, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.

Shows like Spinning Out: Shows for Female Athletes

These documentaries, reality shows and dramas span the gamut of sport--including soccer, gymnastics, basketball, skating, and cheerleading--but all feature amazing female athletes.

Shows Like Glee: When Teens Get Competitive

Whether they're singing, dancing, or surfing, these ultra-competitive teens are not afraid to get their claws out in the quest for glory.

Female Athlete Documentaries

We definitely need a Title IX for sports documentaries, which have historically focused almost exclusively on male athletes--fortunately that is starting to change with some excellent recent docs featuring women athletes.

The Olympics Documentaries

That time rolls around once every four years where tune into a bit of archery or synchronised diving. These olympic documentaries paint a behind the scenes picture of the mightiest competitors.