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Best TV Fantasy

If reality is feeling grim, escape into your favorite fantasy lands, where everyone is beautiful, and the bad guys aren't human.

Shows Like Peaky Blinders: Period Shows for Dudes

Forget the emotional life of butlers and wind-swept moors. These gritty shows are all about sword-wielding soldiers and Victorian bad guys.

Greatest Modern Drama Series

Ranging from period dramas like Game of Thrones to modern thrillers like Homeland, these TV shows are unified by critical acclaim, and popularity with audiences.

Shows Like Breaking Bad: Charismatic Anti-Heroes

You may not admire these criminals, but you can't deny their charisma. And that's what makes them so dangerous.

Shows like Westworld: Most Addictive Fantasy and Sci Fi

These series cut across genres--superheroes, post-apocalyptic action, supernatural thrillers, and classic science fiction--but they should all come with a warning from the Surgeon General. Don't blame us when you mutter "one more episode" to yourself at 3 am.

Political Intrigue through the Ages

Cutting across time periods and settings, these shows have one thing in common--lots and lots of political plotting and intrigue.

Shows Like Commander in Chief: Dramas with Women in Charge

Matriarchs, leaders, queen bees, and just plain queens command this list of contemporary dramas with iron-willed female leads, perfect for Shonda Rhimes fans.

Shows Like Reign: Getting in with the Courtiers

If you're a fan of childish monarchs and tittering courtesans, then these court dramas are for you...not to be confused with court dramas about our democratic legal system, something which would make these aristocrats vomit on their perfumed lap-dogs.

Shows like Game of Thrones: Biggest Budget Historical Shows

When it comes to producing great historical dramas, money is not everything--but it's not nothing either since armies, cavalry, and fleets do not come cheap.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?