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Most Popular Current Network Dramas

Unlike HBO, Showtime, or Netflix, the traditional broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) need to attract advertisers, which means their dramas cannot be too edgy, dark, or explicit, which makes for lighter binging than Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

Shows like Law and Order: Courtroom Drama

Shows about prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and juries, ranging from fictional procedurals to re-enactments of real life trials.

Shows like Damages: Lawyers Learning the Ropes

These dramas and dramedies track young lawyers as they transition from the academic world of law school into the complexities of practice in the real world.

Shows like Scrubs: Young Professionals in Training

Ensembles of improbably good-looking lawyers, doctors and bankers struggle to balance high-powered careers with complicated personal lives-- a genre perfected by Shonda Rhimes.

Show's Like Grey's Anatomy: Welcome to Shondaland

Chosen by TIME magazine as one of "100 People Who Help Shape the World," few producers have influenced modern television more profoundly than Shonda Rhimes.