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Spanish language documentaries

A round-up of Spanish language documentaries cutting across history, biography, and other subjects.

Shows about Immigration

These dramas and documentaries deal with immigration either directly or indirectly.

30 for 30 Sports Documentaries

Bill Simmons said you get a great documentary when "you pick a story that hasn’t been fully explored yet, you throw yourself into it and you make it sing," and these documentaries sing by pairing great directors with passion projects about sports history. As a bonus, we've thrown in some other ESPN documentaries.

'Movies like Never Back Down': MMA Knockouts

MMA's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and so have these no-holds-barred fighting flicks. Make sure to check out 'Warrior' to watch Tom Hardy face off against Joel Edgerton in one of the grittiest cinematic punch-ups ever.

Mixed Martial Arts Documentaries

If boxing and wrestling are tough enough for you, step into the octagon for a few rounds with these MMA fighters.

Martial Arts Documentaries

Documentaries and reality series exploring the origins and secrets of some of the world's most deadly martial arts--spoiler alert, Bruce Lee plays a prominent role in this list.