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Least Unrealistic High School Shows

These shows present a realistic (or at least less unrealistic) take on life in high school, with the emotional ups and downs, social issues, awkward moments, difficult social dynamics, and of course young love. We consulted widely with teenagers to gauge the realism of these shows. Or at least one teenager.

Shows Like Euphoria: High School, High Drama

What if high school was actually as dramatic as teenagers thought it was. These shows give you a look into sex, drugs, and rock & roll (teen edition). And other high drama.

Netflix Teen Shows

This list rounds up the Netflix take on high school and coming of age dramas and comedies.

Shows Like Degrassi: Canadian Teens Have it Hard, Eh?

Don't know what Degrassi is? Assume from the name it's some sort of upscale seltzer water? Well, you are in for a rude awakening with this collection of hard-hitting Canadian teen dramas.