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Best Biographical Documentaries

A collection of the highest rated and most popular documentaries covering the lives of truly extraordinary people, coupled with brilliant film making.

Documentaries about Cartoons and Comics

From Walt Disney and Pixar, through underground comix, anime and on to the superheroes of DC and Marvel, these documentaries explore the history and creators of animated art.

Portrait of the Artist TV

A mix of documentaries and reality series that provide a glimpse into the artistic process and increase your appreciation for the sheer creativity and vitality of these artists' visions.

Psychedelic Documentaries

These documentaries explore the chemistry of mind-altering substances, along with some of LSD's biggest fans, including Hunter S. Thompson and Syd Barrett.

Beat and Gonzo Documentaries

Covering topics from Gonzo journalism to underground comix, these biographical documentaries track the rise of the satirical (and often LSD-inspired) beat and gonzo esthetic.