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Shows like the Missing: Williams Brothers TV

English brothers Harry and Jack Williams are the prolific writing partners behind a a string of psychological crime thrillers, which often tackle difficult subjects in the context of a detective story--don't miss The Missing, especially season 2.

Shows like Broadchurch: British Psychological Thriller Shows

Despite their polite exteriors and stiff upper lips, the Brits harbor a darker side that manifests itself in these dark series that are driven more by the characters' often tormented psychological states. Bonus includes some Irish and Australian series.

Shows like Big Little Lies: Female-Led Psychological Thrillers

These dramas, many from the UK, feature women unravelling mysteries and exploring the dark corners of human behavior.

Unhealthy Obsessions

These psychological thrillers and reality shows explore stalkers and others who have an unhealthy obsession with other people--warning these are some seriously creepy characters.