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Shows like Southland: Realistic Cop Shows

Forget eccentric genius detectives and coroners who speak to the dead, the stars of these shows are cops doing the hard work of catching criminals.

Shows Like Blue Bloods: Modern (ish) NYPD Dramas

Modern (ish) dramas following the New York Police Department as they bust crime across the five boroughs: Manhattan, The Empire State Building, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Rhode Island? Also includes the occasional FBI agent stationed in the Big Apple.

Shows like Deadwood: David Milch TV

Best known for NYPD Blue and Deadwood, David Milch has had a long and illustrious career creating and writing for TV series that feature soaring dialogue (Deadwood is almost Shakespearean at its best) and in-depth explorations of self-contained worlds including a frontier mining town, horse racing, and a police department.