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Documentaries like Pretend its a City: Documentaries about New York

A round-up of documentaries about the Big Apple, covering everything from Broadway, the Five Families, the Brooklyn Bridge, and don't miss Pretend its a City with Fran Lebowitz.

Documentaries about Underdogs

Because who doesn't support the underdog? Like when Leicester City won the league, these tales will inspire and entertain.

Shows like Cheer: Inspirational Shows about Young Athletes

For fans of Last Chance U and Cheer, this list rounds up some of the best documentary and reality shows featuring young athletes in a wide range of sports, teams that unify communities, inspirational coaches, backstories of underdogs you can't help but root for, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.

Checkmate: Best Chess Documentaries

If you are playing chess not checkers, these are the documentaries for you--oh and by the way don't miss the Queen's Gambit.