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Seth MacFarlane TV

Best known for his animated hits American Dad! and Family Guy, MacFarlane is also a successful actor and producer of live action comedies.

Behind the Cameras Comedy

Get exclusive behind the scenes action in these sitcoms based around fictional TV shows, where actors and writers regularly butt heads, but everyone smiles when the cameras start rolling.

Shows Like Entourage: The Sitcoms Getting LA Right

Those who have spent time in Los Angeles will appreciate these pitch-perfect depictions of La La Land, along with the quirky archetypes who populate it.

Shows Like 30 Rock: No Biz Like Showbiz Coms

We're guessing some TV writers eventually picked up on the absurdity of their own industry; with shows like 'Extras', '30 Rock', and 'Entourage', we're not complaining!

Shows Like Sports Night: Sitcoms from the Newsroom

The movie 'Anchorman' wasn't the first comedy production to provide a behind-the-scenes look at a dysfunctional newsroom; in fact, many great TV shows before and since have ran with the premise.

Shows Like Episodes: British LA Transplants

Sunny, self-promotional, outspoken: in some ways LA is Britain's polar opposite, which is probably what attracted the entrepreneurial British characters in this list.

Shows like Eastbound and Down: Tinkering with the Moral Compass

These sitcoms star self-absorbed characters - some recovering alcoholics, some spoilt brats, some former celebrities - who must learn what it means to become unselfish.