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Shows like The Great: Historical Comedies TV

Historical and hysterical--these period comedies have it all--and find the funny side of the Roman Empire, Victorians, Vikings, and just about every other era you can think of--don't miss Horrible Histories or Ghosts.

Shows like Catch-22: Military Comedies

War and comedy seem like odd bedfellows, but some classic and modern shows have found the humor (often quite dark) in combat. This list rounds up them all.

Shows Like Fawlty Towers: The British Sitcom, a Noble Tradition

This list focuses on the best of British sitcoms, pre 2000; FYI, if you've seen all of these, you are the most British person alive, and eligible for a small, mail-order trophy.

Downton Abbey, But Funny--British Historical Comedies

Sick of English period dramas that are about as much fun as a steel-ribbed bodice? Have no fear, these English costume comedies see the funny side of history, even social repression and mechanized warfare!

Shows Like The Thin Blue Line: Atkinson All Day

Checking out this list would be a cunning plan, a very, very, very cunning plan indeed - unless you don't like Rowan Atkinson. Then it would actually be pretty stupid.